Before the pandemic much of the industry ran on cruise control. Unfortunately, covid and the post-covid era exposed a lot of underlying weaknesses. From raw materials shortages to labor and production, everyone has a headache and there’s not enough aspirin to go around.


Before new solutions can be found the real challenge is stabilizing the processes we have now while also trying to make this an industry people will clamor to work in.


Although there is a flurry of activity within MRO, production and manufacturing need to bounce back and meet demand and the teething problems of LEAP and GTF engines need to be ironed out.


What are some of the moves that can be made to turnaround manufacturing? Is it high time for a new commercial airline program? What makes the jet engine business so great?


In this episode, Senior Aerospace/Defense and Airline analyst at Bloomberg Research, George Ferguson discusses what’s on the horizon for aviation, the challenges the industry is facing and possible profitable solutions.


We’re an aerospace nation. It’s a core industry we want to protect here in the US. -George Ferguson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Protecting American aerospace

Aviation used to be an industry that attracted young talent, but now…not so much. How do we fix this urgent talent drain?


-The beauty of the engine business

We’ve pushed jet engine technology as far as it can be pushed. What comes next?  


-Not all bad news for Boeing

Is Boeing closer to being investable again than we think? Should they just consider building a new airplane entirely?