Six weeks ago Kliff Kingsbury was unceremoniously fired as Texas Tech's football coach.

Last night he was hired by the Arizona Cardinals to be that team’s Head Coach.

He “Fell Up.”

Five years ago, under the tutelage of Kliff Kingsbury, Baker Mayfield lost his position as Texas Tech’s starting QB.

He felt Kingsbury screwed him over and continues to hold a grudge.

BUT, Mayfield transferred to Oklahoma, played on a much better, more competitive team and is now an NFL Superstar.

I don’t know why he’s holding a grudge. Kingsbury did him a big favor.

And Mayfield fell up, too.

Sixteen years ago, I got fired; the result of a personality conflict between me and my boss.

For a while I held a grudge and felt I’d been screwed over. But then something happened…

I sold my California house for 50% more than I bought it for and found a job that doubled my income in the first year alone. And because the new job came with no base salary, I also learned how to be more entrepreneurial.

I fell up.

And when the new guys I worked for cut my commissions?

I took the skills I learned and started my own business. Aka… I fell up. And, I never look back.

It’s business…

During your career you’re going to get screwed over by bosses, co-workers, customers, and sometimes the lunch lady, too.

Get over it! 

Use the lessons you’ve learned to reflect, rebuild and re-invent yourself - and forge a new path. 

Redirect your anger. 

Looking back and holding grudges prevents you from looking forward. It's the gravity that eliminates the possibilities of “Falling up.”

One last thing…  the guy who took over for Mayfield at Texas Tech? Patrick Mahomes…

Sometimes there’s just not enough room at the inn for two superstars. One has to stay, one has to go.

As for me?

Hey, Bill!  If we ever see each other again, drinks are on me!